Justice in Religion

Justice in Religion

Sun in HandsA basic principle of Buddhism is being compassionate towards others. Equality and dignity for all people is thought to be very important. The Buddha proclaimed that everyone has the right to a fair share of the resources of the earth.

Justice is also at the heart of Islamic faith. According to the faith, any society that exploits the weak and oppresses those in need cannot be called an Islamic society.


“Say: My Lord enjoineth justice”; “Lo! Allah loveth those who act in justice; “Do justice, it is nearer to piety” – The Qu’ran, (7:20, 49:9, 5:8)

The concept of Dharma is at the heart of Hinduism. The law of Dharma involves being just in your actions towards others, through compassion (daya) and liberality (dan).

“He…is said to know what morality or righteousness is who is always the friend of all creatures and engaged in their good, in thought, word and deed.” – Mahabharatha, (12.254.9)