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Committals to Prison

Committals to Prison

Committals to Prison

What Crimes are People sent to Prison for?
When we think of prison we often have the impression that they contain people who are of danger to society, are violent, and ‘deserve’ to be there.

Prison is not reserved for the most violent in our society, many are prisoners extremely vulnerable, who have been neglected by society.

In fact, almost 90 per cent of sentences to prison in 2014 were for non-violent offences.

In 2014, 13,408 people were committed (sentenced and remanded) to prison, this figure highlights the ‘through put’ of people entering prison and the use of short sentencing, as there is a bed capacity for 4,126.

On 28 November 2014, the total number of people in prison – including people on remand (awaiting trial or sentence), and those detained under immigration rules – was 3,777. 3,204 were serving a sentence; 556 were on remand and 17 were detained for immigration reasons.