Living in Prison

Living in Prison

Prison Places in Ireland
There are approximately 4,000 people in prison in Ireland today. The prison estate is constantly expanding in order to accommodate more prisoners. Extra spaces are currently being made available in Midlands Prison and Wheatfield Prison. 
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Description of a typical day in prison

There are 14 prisons and places of detention in Ireland. Eleven are "closed" institutions with both internal and perimeter security.

Two are open centres with minimal internal and perimeter security.

There is one semi-open prison with traditional perimeter security and minimal internal security.

Women are either held in the Dóchas Centre beside Mountjoy prison or in Limerick prison where there is a small facility. The Dóchas Centre provides excellent care and support and its work must be commended and extended. Some young adults and children (17 – 21) are held in St. Patrick’s Institution.