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Emergency Accommodation

Emergency Accommodation

Addiction and Mental Health difficulties
A large proportion of people who are considered long-term homeless, also suffer from addiction and/or mental health problems.

However, the majority of people who are homeless (and also those with drug dependency or suffering mental health problems) are suitable for ‘mainstream’ housing. In the past, people suffering from addiction or mental health difficulties were not considered suitable for social housing until their problems had been fully addressed. But the stability of a home is often the element necessary to enable someone to deal properly with their issues.

Thankfully local authorities have begun to recognise and address these needs, as homes with support for people with addiction and/or mental health problems are now provided. Unfortunately, the stock of social housing which provides supports for these people is far too small.

Directly providing suitable accommodation to people with these various needs is a challenge for local authorities, but they cannot rely on the private market to provide homes with these supports.