The Way to the Future

More Permanent Housing

The target of eliminating homelessness (rough sleeping and long-term homelessness) in Dublin by 2010 was a very ambitious one. If it is to be achieved into the future, considerably more resources are needed. People who have become homeless need a secure and long-term home more than anything. Making more social housing available for homeless people could be the first step to tackling the problem. It is important that social housing should be integrated into communities and placed with other forms of tenure such as private or rented, so that it does not have any stigma attached to it.

The Homeless Agency’s Action Plan and the current Social Partnership Agreement, Towards 2016, have set as goals the elimination of the need for anyone to sleep rough and the ending of long-term homelessness: these goals are to be achieved by 2010. The Action Plan acknowledges that ‘the most fundamental need of people experiencing homelessness is appropriate long-term housing’.