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How does it Happen?

How do People become Homeless?

Luke, aged 43

Luke is 43 years old. He lost his job and then broke up with his wife. He has been homeless for 5 years. For the first couple of years Luke was living with friends, then in doorways. He is now living in a hostel. After breaking up with his wife, Luke started drinking on a daily basis. He has tried giving up a number of times, and does go to some of the AA meeting around the corner from the hostel where he lives.

He has to be out of the hostel at 9:30am in the morning – but does get his breakfast before he leaves. If it’s warm outside Luke goes for walks in the park and reads the newspaper, but it does get lonely being on your own.

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Three afternoons a week Luke goes to computer classes. He is studying for an advanced FETAC computer course and hopes to get work in web design. Having a homeless hostel as an address is not helping in finding work, but he’s optimistic that something will come along. Luke has begun to address his drinking problem and hopes to go on a detox programme next month.

Reason why Luke became homeless

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