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How does it Happen?

How do People become Homeless?

Ann, 24

Factors Leading to Homelessness
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Ann became homeless at the age of 12 because of family problems. She lived in an emergency hostel for girls in Dublin inner city for six months. She tried moving back home, but things didn’t work out, and she had to go back to the hostel.

When she was 13 she was placed with a foster family and went back to school. Ann enjoyed school and living with her foster family. However when Ann turned 18 years of age, two weeks after finishing her Leaving Certificate, she had to leave her foster family. After you turn 18 the HSE no longer has a duty of care. Ann is now living in a hostel, while she tries to look for somewhere to rent. Many landlords won’t accept rental allowance, so she’s having a difficult time looking for a home.

Reason why Ann became homeless

Support focus needed:

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