Philosophy of Housing

Copyright: Derek Spears
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Housing is one of our most basic needs

Our homes are more than just a commodity to us - they are the place we live, and so have more value in our lives than something we simply trade on the market like stocks and shares.

In recent years, Ireland experienced an economic boom, during which our property prices grew and grew, as more and more houses and apartments were built. Many people bought houses as investment properties to rent to tenants or to sell later at a profit.

Since the boom years, many people have struggled to live with rising rents, large mortgages and debt. There are also many who have been excluded from the housing market completely.

Although there are now more houses in Ireland than ever before, the market can only provide a home to the people who have enough money to buy it. It is therefore important that there are other suitable options provided for people who cannot afford a home.

If society relied on the market alone for housing, how would people who live on very low incomes, or people who are unemployed, or people who have become homeless, ever have a home?

Who do you think should be responsible for providing and funding housing for those who can't afford it?