Are crime rates as high as we think?
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Crime has become of central concern in most societies. There is a general feeling that the levels of crime and violence has increased significantly in the last number of decades.

Interestingly however, the Irish public remained unconcerned about crime up until the late 1990s; preoccupied by high levels of unemployment, condition of our health services and the level of taxation.

It is interesting to note that when crime rates were peaking in the early 1980s and once again in the early 1990s there was very little public concern or fear of lawlessness. However, in the late 1990s law and order became a matter of national importance, at a time when crime rates were falling. Today, the public remains very concerned about the rise of serious crime, such as homicide. However, the vast majority of crimes recorded in Ireland are non-violent property crimes and in fact, the number of serious crimes today is similar to that of the mid 1990s.