Understanding Crime

What is Crime?

Most of us think of 'crime' in a very simple way. We have our own ideas about what crimes are and who commits them. The kinds of crime we automatically think of might include; burglary, car theft, violence and other similar activities. These kinds of crime are often committed by young people from deprived areas and are frequently related to drug use.

But what about crimes such as fraud, tax evasion, drink driving, breach of laws governing commercial activity and the deliberate neglect of safety standards? Many of these crimes can result in major financial loss, death and serious injury and can pose serious risks to the safety and lives of large numbers of the public - but they are not necessarily the crimes that receive the most attention.

We all have perceptions of what crime means in our society. Our perceptions might be based on personal experience, coverage in the media or word of mouth. Here we will explore crime in Ireland today and how our perceptions reflect the reality.

Are crime rates as high as we think?

Why do people commit crime?

What are prisons like?

What kind of crimes are people sent to prison for?

What can be done to stop crime from happening?