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Sample: Lesson 1 of On the Margins, So we all start out equal? is available here 

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Link 1.1: 'What is Social Justice?'

Link 1.2: 'Social Injustice'

Link 1.3: 'Human Rights'

Link 1.4: 'Social Justice and Religion'

Link 1.5: Gerry O'Hanlon SJ

Link 1.6: 'Poverty and Inequality' - Page 1

Link 1.7: 'Poverty and Inequality' - Page 2

Link 1.8: Peter's Projection Map

Link 1.9: 'Ireland and Global Justice'

Link 1.10: 'Social Justice and Me'

Link 1.11: 'Poverty and Inequality' - Page 3

Link 1.12: History of Jesuits in Ireland

Link 1.13: 'People Working for Justice'

Strand 2: Understanding Crime



Link 2.1: 'Understanding Crime'

Link 2.2: 'Understanding Crime' - Page 3

Link 2.3: 'Headline Crime'

Link 2.4: 'What are the Causes of Crime?'

Link 2.5: Youtube: London Riots 1

Link 2.6: Youtube: London Riots 2

Link 2.7: UK riots: the demographics of magistrate cases and convictions

Link 2.8: Youtube: Brixton on the Riots

Link 2.9: Rioter profile: 'The law was obeying us'

Link 2.10: Rioter profile: 'If I had a job I wouldn't have stolen'

Link 2.11: Rioter profile: 'I thought of it as like a battle, like a war'

Link 2.12: Rioter profile: 'I knew the black kids would be stopped before me'

Link 2.13: Rioter profile: 'I don't condone it, but it's helped me out financially'

Link 2.14: Rioter profile: 'She said: Go on, son, dash the brick at them'

Link 2.15: "Who goes to prison?" - Page 5

Link 2.16: Children in Care

Link 2.17: Health Service Executive

Link 2.18: Youth Homelessness

Link 2.19: Department of Children and Youth Affairs: Out of Hours Services

Link 2.20: Bail and Surety

Link 2.21: Probation Service

Link 2.22: ICPS Prison Population Rates per 100,000 of the national population

Link 2.23: International Centre for Prison Studies

Link 2.24: Gun homicides and gun ownership listed by country

Link 2.25: Top Murder Rates in the World

Link 2.26: UN Crime Statistics

Link 2.27: "What are the Causes"

Link 2.28: Caught on Camera: Britain’s Best Crime Photography

Strand 3: Understanding Prison



Link 3.1: Summary of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

Link 3.2: List of Community Sanctions from IYJS

Link 3.3: "Homelessness: Introduction"

Link 3.4:  "Understanding Homelessness in Ireland"

Link 3.5: "Homeless in Ireland" in The Meaning is in the Shadows, Peter Mc Verry, 38-41.

Link 3.6: European Prison Rules

Link 3.7: Living in Prison: Description of a typical day in prison

Link 3.8: "Commitals to Prison"

Link 3.9: Invisible Children